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By lingeringlight, Aug 28 2014 02:41PM

I hope you don't mind some shameless self indulgence here - and I promise this won't happen too often if you come back to read more - but as Lingering Light Studios is now officially 18 months old, I wanted to share my favourite pieces of furniture with you. You may very well have different opinions on which ones you like the most but here goes....

This detail comes from a wooden filing cabinet I found languishing at an antiques fair. I painted it using Annie Sloan's Provence chalk paint which is a lovely, subtle turquoise that deepens beautifully when you wax it. On top of the base coat I decided to paint some of my favourite flowers - fucshias. I used one of my favourite mediums, gouache, as it is a very forgiving water based paint. If you make a mistake, you can generally rectify it fairly easily and it allows you to get very fine lines of detail. I didn't touch the inside wooden file dividers, beyond giving them a very good clean, but waxed the outside to fix the paint.

Another favourite is the bird bureau/bookcase which originally started life as a beautifully varnished piece of furniture from the high end retailer, Libertys of London. When I found it in a corner of a warehouse, it was drowning in layers of purple and gold emulsion, and was crying out for a makeover. I used Annie Sloan's Lousi Blue chalk paint as the base and then created an exotic bird and blossom design on top. I outlined the molding in gilt gold paper, and matched the detailing inside with the pink from the bird. I finished it off with clear wax, lightly distressing the gold.

And finally, I'm going to add in one of my latest pieces which I loved so much - partly because it was a real underdog and partly because it's just so useful - I have actually kept it! I rescued the bread bin seconds before someone threw it in the tip but despite being unwanted, it was actually in perfect condition - it just needed a little va-va-voom to get it going again. As the slats which go up and down are deeply grooved, I decide not to decorate it with a hand painted design. Instead, I went for a gorgeous Italian paper featuring vintage tea pots and cups, which I decoupaged to both the sides. I then painted the trim in Annie Sloan's Old White and varnished it all with a heavy duty, marine grade varnish to make it really water proof.

That's the end of my own retrospective - ah the power a blogger has! I'd love to hear your opinions about these, and my other pieces, so please do leave a comment. I also take a particular thrill in hearing how people have come about getting something for free, so do share with me any finds you've made by climbing into a skip or staging an improptu intervention at the tip!

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