As well as selling beautifully hand painted vintage and antique furniture, Lingering Light Studios also offers a completely bespoke service that is tailored to your wishes.

We can paint any piece you wish to rejuvenate - including wood, mdf, laminate, rattan and garden furniture - to match existing colour schemes and fabrics, or create a completely new design that will complement your home. We can also source a particular item of furniture for you and paint it however you wish.


Our work is completed either at our studio or on site, depending on the size of the itemand your location.


We welcome enquiries about our bespoke services from private clients and interior designers for both residential and commercial uses, so please contact us now to arrange an appointment or request a quote.


07701 049142

"I have had this French dresser for 30 years and am delighted that it now has a new lease of life, blending prefectly with my room's current decor. I would definitely recommend Lingering Light Studios."

J Mitchell, Sunningdale